CrossFit is proven to enhance lifestyle, increase motivation, and so much more.

  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club
  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club, crossfit
  • gym, olympic lifting, fitness club, athletic club, health club, crossfit

The CrossFit T1 Difference:

-Premiere facility in region

-Top Coaches, Trainers & Equipment

-12,000 sq ft indoors

-Outdoor Training Area


Basic Membership – $120 / mo.

New Member Special: 60% off UNLIMITED if you get in touch before the end of the month.
We limit class sizes. Only 9 memberships left. 


You’ll only know, for sure, if we’re the right place for you if you stop by.
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Meet Our Coaches

Crossfit T1 Trainer Owner Terrence Fenningham Founder & Athlete

josh1 Josh King Trainer

carlos Carlos Gibson Trainer

jp J.P. Kelley Trainer

Crossfit T1 Trainer Jillian Shingler Trainer & Gymnast

Mike Gennaro - Olympic Rower Mike Gennaro Trainer & Olympic Rower

Learn More About CrossFit

CrossFit is a type of fitness that focuses on strength, agility, balance, and more.

You will see elements of olympic lifting, barbell clubs, general health clubs, and the standard gym when you join a CrossFit. The focus is all-around health and fitness. You learn how to fuel your body properly by eating right, how to exercise safely, and how to crush your goals. It’s not easy to do alone, but with the group of athletes at your gym, you’ll be surprised how quickly you adapt to a healthier, fitter, and as a result, happier lifestyle.

You might find crossfit athletes using phrases such as box, WOD, amrap, PR, and a few others. Let’s go over the basics:

Box: A gym.

WOD: Workout of the day. This is a series of exercises that are posts on your gym’s page every day for you to do at home, or at the gym when you go in for class.

AMRAP: As many reps as possible.

PR: Personal record.

Not too bad, right? After a week you’ll be using these acronyms without thinking.

You’ll have other questions, but for now let’s stick with that. Just stop by our gym (box) and see what you think.