Jillian Shingler
Crossfit T1 Trainer

Trainer & Gymnast

At the age of 7 Jillian began her athletic career as a competitive gymnast for Ricochets Gymnastics. She continued gymnastics throughout high school and continues to pursue the sport in her free time. Being naturally drawn to leadership within the sport, Jillian began teaching gymnastics at the age of 14 and remains an instructor at Ricochets today.

Jillian attended La Salle University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Science, Business and Technology (ISBT) and a minor in Chemistry. During her tenure at LaSalle, Jillian found it a challenge to maintain her ideal weight and physique for her pursuit of gymnastics. This was in spite of maintaining some level of activity, albeit at a reduced level of intensity.

Jillian did not seek out CrossFit; like many of us, it found her. By chance, she saw the ring apparatus through the window as she was driving by the old Easton Road location. The gymnast in her was curious to know what CrossFit T1 was all about and why they were using rings. After speaking with Coach Terrence Fenningham about the program, she decided to join the gym. Jillian quickly assimmilated and in just one short year achieved a CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate and became a CrossFit T1 trainer.

As an integral part of the CrossFit T1 team, Jillian has been able to acheive her fitness goals and regain her ideal image.