Ivan Asplundh

Ivan was born and raised in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. From day one, he was always interested in sports. Growing up with nine brothers and sisters made it easy to pick up and play a game with two full teams. Having fellow coach, Josh King as a next door neighbor didn’t hurt either. The sports that Ivan ended up focusing on and eventually playing at Muhlenberg College were lacrosse and ice hockey.

Following his college career in 2010, Ivan became an elementary school teacher and high school lacrosse and ice hockey coach in his hometown. A friend introduced him to CrossFit and he fell in love with the community aspect and loved learning and improving the movements. Eventually, it made sense that Ivan should take his background in education and athletics and apply them to a career as a CrossFit instructor at CrossFit T1.

One morning, Terrence told Ivan to look up this guy, Dr. Kelly Starrett on youtube to learn some cool tricks to help with old lacrosse injuries. Ivan found MobilityWOD and took a deep interest right away. Kelly’s videos led him to Carl Paoli’s videos on how to improve gymnastic skills for CrossFit. After nerding out for quite some time, Ivan realized that the best way to learn from these guys is to go find them and train with them. Realizing that these coaches were all at one gym, he packed up and moved to San Francisco where he would have the privilege of coaching alongside and learning from the staff at San Francisco CrossFit.

Working for Kelly Starrett had a profound impact on Ivan as a person and a coach. Kelly taught him to prioritize movement and mobility. At San Francisco CrossFit, there was a revolving door of professional athletes and high level military personnel coming to learn the philosophy of movement and to get worked on by the Supple Leopard, himself. Kelly taught Ivan to simplify complex concepts. His strategies of movement and mobility can work for anyone from a first timer to a professional athlete with years of experience. You can count on plenty of mobility work in Ivan’s classes.

As well as coaching the regular classes in San Francisco, Ivan did a lot of work with teenage and younger athletes. Youngsters need to learn the basic shapes of movement and how to properly maintain their bodies to prevent injury, too. Ivan always aims to create a fun, friendly environment that is conducive to learning. He wants the kids to look forward to their hour of exercise and hopefully continue with it for the rest of their lives.

After three years of coaching with the all star line up at San Francisco CrossFit, Ivan decided that it was time to come home. He is excited to take his experiences in San Francisco and use them to help his new athletes optimize performance and prevent injury.